PEACE CAMP is coming!

MES is getting ready for PEACE CAMP – Sept. 18-22.  In honor of International Day of Peace, each grade will participate in a day of PEACE CAMP with our Music, Art, and Library teachers.  Utilizing books, art, songs, and poetry, our children will explore being a Peacemaker by learning five approaches for creating peace:  choosing nonviolence, living peace, honoring diversity, valuing all life, and caring for the planet.

Sept. 18 – Gr. 4      Sept. 19 – Gr. 3      Sept. 20 – Gr. 2      Sept. 21 – Gr. 1     Sept. 22 – Gr. K

What are 3 things MES families do to support learning?

MES teachers make the most of every day, and we think children need time after school to play, relax, and spend time with family.  We won’t send homework packets because we think children don’t learn best that way.  We believe parents are our children’s first teachers, and your time with your child at home is tremendously important.

Are you looking for a way to make the world a better place?

Consider applying for a position at MES.

A Special Education Paraprofessional works with children who have an IEP to support their instruction and inclusion in our school. The classroom teacher, special education teacher, and specialists will provide training and support to prepare you to support the child. 

The School Climate Assistant works with children to solve problems and help them process their behavior choices to be better friends and learners.  

The Volunteer Coordinator recruits, organizes, manages, and deploys parent, student, and community volunteers in multiple ways throughout the school day and beyond. Candidates need to have excellent communication skills with parents, community members, faculty, staff, and students. This 20-hour-per-week position does not have benefits but does offer a flexible schedule.

Lamoille South is currently accepting applications for a Social/Emotional Support Paraprofessional at Morristown Elementary School. The ideal candidate will possess excellent communication skills and be dedicated to student success.

Please submit a letter of interest by September 15, 2023, to:
Vernita Vallez, Principal
Morristown Elementary School

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