Dear Elmore Families,

Our second week of school is in the books!  This week we had a focus on building a respectful and responsible community of learners.  We began the week by talking about Good Choices and Poor Choices for behavior.  Next week we will continue this work as we develop our classroom / school rules.  On Wednesday we read I Show Respect and had a class discussion about what respect means.  Then students wrote a poem about respect.  On Tuesday we read I’m A Good Friend, and talked about what friends do together.  Then students created a page for a class book about friends.  On Thursday we learned about being a responsible digital citizen and students signed their digital citizenship pledge.  On Friday we read I can be Fair.  We had a class discussion about the difference between equal and fair.  We learned that fair does not mean everyone gets the same thing.  Fair means everyone gets what they need. 

This week we also unrolled our PBIS (Positive Behavior Incentive Supports).  Students will ear tickets throughout the week as they make good choices and behave responsibly and respectfully.  They start each day by earning up to 3 tickets just for showing up at school on time, and turning in their folders!  Then as we go through the day they will be awarded tickets for positive behavior.  At the end of the week they will use 5 tickets to participate in “Fun Friday” and will be able to shop at the “school store”.  Tickets will also be collected to go toward a All School Reward.  

We also launched our new math program, IM (Illustrative Math) this week!  We are slowly beginning grade level lessons while continue to build our math menu practices.  During math students will have targeted grade level instruction and time to work on their math menus which will offer a choice of differentiated activities that provide review and continued practice for mathematical concepts.  IM is a problem-based curriculum where students will be collaborating and reasoning with others as they make sense of mathematical concepts.  This year students have workbooks for each unit, therefore you will not see a high volume of student work coming home each week.  Instead, workbooks will go home at the end of the unit.  

In art this week students created self portraits.  Students learned how to portion the face in order to draw their facial features. They used mirrors to study their own features.  Then they colored using colored pencils.  Finally, students added details to the background to show things they love to represent what on the inside.  Finally, they added a watercolor wash to the background.  

Next Friday will be our first Family Hot Lunch which will brought to us by Dan Peterson! Dumplings, Chicken nuggets, and fruit salad is what’s on the menu!

Please go to the mealtrain to sign up to bring a lunch!

School lunch this week is: email orders

There has been some interest for fundraising to add to our recess options.  A couple of years ago we had a successful yard sale at the school which families donated to and volunteered their time.  I’m looking for a couple of parents who would be interested in helping to organize such and event (or other fundraising ideas are welcomed).  


  • Library is Monday – remember your books!
  • Please send a pair of indoor shoes or slippers students can keep at school
  • Students need sneakers for PE on Wednesday. 
  • School Photos – Tuesday, September 19th @ 8:00 am – see Friday Folders for order form
  • No School- Monday September 25th (Yom Kippur)
  • Open House – Thursday September 28th  @ 6:00 – 7:00 pm
  • No School – Monday, October 9th (Indigenous People’s Day)

Thank you,
Diane Nicholls

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