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Week of 11/13/23

A Note from Ms. Hudak

Dear Families,

We’re at the point in the year where time starts to pass quickly- even with all of the cold air we’re experiencing. I’m loving getting to see the snow on the slopes on my drive in. 

Next week on Monday and Tuesday, faculty will have professional development with a variety of areas of focus. Faculty and staff will have time off starting on Wednesday through the rest of the week.

On Wednesday of this week, the link for “Meet the Teacher” for the parent/teacher conference on December 8th will be opening. Should you wish to meet your student’s teacher, please schedule an appointment. Act quickly, as I’ve been told the slots fill up fast. 

Finally, I want to share my gratitude with each of you. I’m so thankful to be part of this community- for the relationships I’m starting to build, for the hard work I see from teachers and students on a daily basis, and for the community we are working on together. 

Updates from classrooms: 

  • 6th Grade LA: LA is set to put the finishing touches as we go through the revision stage of the writing process.  It is our goal that all essays will be completed by the time we head into the Thanksgiving break.
  • 6th Global Citizenship: Sixth Grade GC has just begun our Daoism unit.  If your student begins to ask questions about natural unseen forces of the universe, it may be Daoism that caused that.
  • 6th Math: This week students will be working on lessons 4-9 in their Ratio Unit. Students will be learning about tape diagrams and double number lines as models to help develop some conceptual understanding of ratios.
  • 6th Science:This week, students will be wrapping up their rock cycle models. This is an iterative process, so students made several individual and small group drafts last week to think through their ideas and add depth as their understanding of the topic grew. This week, they will receive one more round of individual feedback before creating and submitting their final drafts.
  • Art: Last week in art class 6th graders wrapped up a unit on perspective. Students tried their hand at one-point perspective and drew street scenes showcasing their understanding of depth. Then they showed depth in a different way by incorporating a foreground, middle ground, and background into a landscape made on a slab of clay!
  • 7th ELA: In ELA we started an Informative Writing unit. Students read an informative article where they looked for specific features that can be used to make predictions about the main idea of an informative article. After reading the entire article they analyzed how the text features help them to predict what the main idea of the article would be.
  • 7th Global Citizenship: This week we concluded our Unit III: Africa’s Human Geography. This module looked at various aspects of culture and society. Students

finished their postcards and reports about two countries in Africa, where they were expected to analyze the combination of cultural and environmental characteristics that make places both similar to and different from other places.  This unit gave a sense of the vitality, diversity, and dynamism of African cultures, which vary from region to region, among different ethnic groups, genders, language speakers, and classes in Africa.

  • 7th Math: Students in math are in the midst of learning about proportional relationships: distance to time, cups to tablespoons, dollars per hour, etc. 
  • 7th Science:students are creating a food web of the local forest ecosystem. Next, they will  create a hypothetical disturbance and predict the effects on the ecosystem. 
  • 8th Global Citizenship:Students are looking into the causes and effects of the “Great Migration” as well as dabble in some present day discussions on free speech.
  • 8th Math: This week, students are learning the slope-intercept form of linear equations. 
  • 8th Science: In Science, we are working on our Natural Resource to Synthetic Product project.  Students have picked a product of their choosing and traced how the material needed for said product originally came from natural resources.  Students are looking into everything from bricks to hockey sticks, to artificial sweeteners and even cancer medications.
  • Language: 
    • French – Last week students concluded an exploration of Paris since they had their new mural put up in class (see photo). 7th and 8th graders described particular places they would like to visit in Paris, while the 6th graders gave a rendering of the documentary they watched

Upcoming Events and Information

  • Coaches needed for Middle School Girls basketball and Middle School Boys BASketball.  Contact Tim Albertson
  • 11/15: Middle School Winter Sports Meeting on Wednesday November 15th from 6:00-7:00 PM in the Auditorium.
  • Homeroom Food Donation Competition- Last Day to Donate is this Friday, November 17th.
  • https://www.stowevtpto.org/fundraising
  • 11/20-11/24: No School
  • 11/26: Chess Tournament at SMS- Please register if interested
  • Chess Clubs Wednesdays during lunch and recess
  • Friday, December 8th: No school – Parent / Teacher Conferences.

Meet the Teacher

Thank you for your partnership,

Misha Hudak

Thanksgiving Food Donation Competitions! LAST DAY TO DONATE IS

This year we will hold the Thanksgiving Food Donation Competition in Homerooms again. All donations go to the Stowe Community Church who package baskets and provide food for families in need for Thanksgiving. 

Canned: corn, green beans, cranberry sauce, juice, Boxed stuffing Mix, Jars of gravy, 5 lb bag of potatoes, coffee, tea…

There will be a box in the front office. Drop the items to Ms. Davis, Ms. Alisa or Ms. Poe to inform them of your donation and the name of your Homeroom. We will keep a running tally of the number of items donated – each donated item those points will be awarded to your Homeroom. 

The Homeroom with the most items donated (in each grade) will win a Dunkin’ Donuts party!!

Stay in touch! Contact Ms. Hudak – Misha.Hudak@lamoillesouth.org or (802) 253-6913

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