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Week of 11/27/23

A Note from Ms. Hudak

Dear Families,

I hope you all enjoyed the break! We’re in our final push as we ring in the new year- lots of learning still to come over the next few weeks as we close out 2023. 

When it isn’t too cold we will have outdoor recess as an option- if your student would like to participate in this, please help make sure they bring a hat, mittens, snow pants, warm jacket, boots, etc. If gear is a concern, please do reach out to Jess Poe. Additionally, we are hoping for lots of snow people (and or pets), as well as forts. We will be reminding students of our policy of no throwing snow- please partner with us in reminding your child of this expectation. 

Speaking of cold, the Friday Program Registration is nearly complete! We are in need of parent volunteers. If you ski/snowboard and would like to ski/board with a group of students, please contact Cathy.Davis@Lamoillesouth.org.

Tomorrow, November 28th we will have our first of the year, school-wide, Safety Drill. Students will be asked to clear the halls and remain in their classroom while the building is secured. This drill is done in case there was a real emergency in the halls in order to protect the privacy of a student in crisis. 

We are looking forward to having as many families as possible for our conferences on December 8th- please use the link below to select a time. If you do not see a time to meet your student’s teacher, you can always email them for an after school appointment later on.

Meet the Teacher

Finally, over the weekend, our parent volunteers, The Murphys, hosted a wonderful Chess Tournament- we had over 80 players and Stowe Middle won the tournament! Many students have been engaging in Chess Club each Wednesday during lunch/recess and it was such a wonderful way to take their skills to the next level. Thank you to all who participated and made this such a positive experience! 

Updates from classrooms: 

  • 6th Grade LA: Sixth Grade Language Arts is beginning a new book unit.  Students will have a choice of fiction books to choose from.  All the books relate to east Asian culture and will complement the learning students have been engaging with in Global Citizenship.
  • 6th Global Citizenship: students are continuing their learning about the belief system of Taoism. This week students will experience Taoism’s connection to a childhood favorite, Winnie the Pooh. 
  • 6th Science:This week in science, we are kicking off our study of minerals. You might ask your student how many of the five properties of minerals they can name (hint: SNIFC) or why pearls aren’t a mineral.
  • Extra 6th Grade Update: The sixth grade team is excited to share with you a new initiative we are implementing to improve executive functioning.  The executive functioning skill we are focusing on is task initiation.  We have seen this as a challenge for students across all classes.  Students will be provided a checklist to support them in initiating work independently.  We hope the benefits of focusing on task initiation will transfer to other areas of students’ lives. 

Families can reinforce this effort by helping students practice task initiation at home. For example, if a child is looking for a missing item, you might prompt them with questions rather than searching yourself. “Where was the last place you saw it? Have you retraced your steps? Where are the most likely places for it to be?” We will be happy to discuss this effort at parent conferences next week, and ways you can support your child with this at home.

  • 7th ELA: Students are researching and choosing topics for an informative paper they will be writing. 
  • 7th Global Citizenship: We focused on taking a look at what history is and what history tells us about Africa prior to the 16th century CE. The first step was for students to dive into text where they were exposed to information covering African Beginnings. They examined the ways in which the survival skills of early Africans changed over time
  • 7th Math: Students are working on a Math Menu this week. It includes a variety of topics, review and enrichment, logic puzzles, arithmetic skills, and word problems. 
  • 7th Science: Students are studying symbiotic relationships in nature, and relating these relationships to the local food web.
  • 8th Grade ELA: This week, students will begin their essay about “The Hate You Give”.  This essay will be about identifying what students think is the most important theme of this text and using quotes from the book to back up their claim.  
  • 8th Global Citizenship:Hello families! This week we are investigating the causes of WWI.
  • 8th Math:Students are applying their knowledge about linear relationships and their different forms of equations to solving real-world problems. Their knowledge will be put to the test on Thursday with a quiz!
  • 8th Science: Students are starting their Forces and Motion unit this week.  To start things off, students will look at how we measure motion, specifically looking at speed, velocity, and acceleration.
  • Language: 
    • French – We will work with descriptive adjectives (6th, 7th, 8th) and introduce and/or reinforce the verb ‘to be’ and ‘to have’ in French (7th, 8th).

More photos to come next week.

Upcoming Events and Information

  • Coaches needed for Middle School Girls basketball and Middle School Boys BASketball.  Contact Tim Albertson
  • Friday, December 8th: No school – Parent / Teacher Conferences. Meet the Teacher
  • 12/14/23: MS Boys Basketball@Lamoille 
  • 12/19/23: MS Girls Basketball@U-32
  • 12/21/23: MS Boys Basketball Middle 8
  • Winter Break- No School-12/23/23-1/1/24

Thank you for your partnership,

Misha Hudak

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