Dear Elmore Families,

We had another busy week at the Elmore School. We continued the tradition of giving Valentines to all the Elmore PO Box holders, and Thursday, students had their sixth and final day at Spruce Peak where they performed a play written just for them. 

During Writer’s workshop this week, students worked on finalizing their informative writing.  They added images and text features such as glossaries, vocabulary, subheadings and captions.  Phonics lessons this week included words spelled with /oy/ and /ay/ for first graders and words ending with le.  During literacy menu, students are practicing typing with Typing Club, and reading skills using Lexia Core 5 and a variety of Literacy Centers.  Reading groups are ongoing. 

During Math, first graders are using make 10 strategies to add within 20 and Friday they solved story problems involving 3 addend.  Second graders finished unit 3.  This week they solved story problems involving length.  Third graders are finishing up Unit 3.  This week they used algorithms to solve subtraction problems within 1000 that involved regrouping.

During science, students explored using light to communicate.

Students were busy making valentines for community members for the past 4 weeks.  Wednesday, we hung 170 Valentines on the mailboxes at the Elmore Store.   This is one of our favorite traditions which has been happening for nearly 25 years.  Later that day, students exchanged Valentine’s with each other.  Thank you to the Reynold’s for bring Valentine’s Day Brownies for the kids!

Our final day at Spruce Peak was full of excitement! Students had a lot of fun performing their play, which included acting, singing, and dancing, and one of our students helped with tech in the sound / light booth!  We had an amazing experience with the Curious Place Theater Program!  In the afternoon, the group split up and half nordic skied and half ice skated.  Thanks to all the parents who were able to come out to the play and to our parent volunteers, Meg Batchelder and David Peterson.

We had a special lunch treat for Hot Lunch on Friday.  Dan Peterson prepared the filling for dumplings and each students helped to fill and fold them.  After they were made Dan used our stove and cooked them for us.  The children enjoyed homemade Dumplings, Edamame, and fried rice for lunch.  For Dessert they had Chinese Animal crackers or Chinese Funnel Cakes! 

Next Friday Jen Schoeberlein will be providing our hot Lunch (TBD).

Diane Nicholls

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