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Week of 2/19/24

A Note from Ms. Hudak

Dear Families,

I hope you are all well! It’s hard to believe that we’re already just a few days away from February Break- a break much deserved for students and teachers! We are wishing everyone a week of cup filling activities.

Last week, students and staff enjoyed Spirit Week! A school favorite was students dressing like teachers and teachers dressing like students. What fun we had building community with these spirit days. 

Classroom Updates:  

6th Grade Updates
ELA: In sixth Grade Language Arts students are putting the finishing touches on their narratives. We will spend time this week exploring idioms and how to use them in our writing. Try using some idioms at home if that floats your boat and see if your student Knows what you’re talking about, let’s hope it doesn’t rain cats and dogs over our break.
Global Citizenship: In sixth grade Global citizenship we are moving from the Island of Crete to mainland Greece as we begin our study of the Ancient Mycenaeans. If you hear your student talking about Homer, it may not be Homer Simpson, but the ancient storyteller.
Science: This week, students will review and expand their knowledge of the water cycle to set them up for our weather unit when we return from break. 
Math: In 6th grade math this week we will be using Task Cards and partner work to help prepare for Wednesday’s End of Unit assessment for our Divisibility of Fractions unit. In case you need it, here is the Study Guide and Task Cards. Students can enter their answers on Tuesday to check to see if they are correct or not. Schoology will also give them the correct answer, so they can go back and find where they got something wrong. We will not have Math class on Thursday because we will be watching the movie Hidden Figures. This is the one math movie that I get to share and it is a wonderful culmination of learning about many groundbreaking people we have discussed for Black History Month. When we return from Winter Break, we will begin our Expressions and Equations Unit. 
7th Grade Updates
ELA: This week in 7th grade language arts, students are debating in teams of 3 or 4. They are learning to form persuasive arguments and present in public, in preparation for speeches they will give in front of their entire class in April.
Global Citizenship: We continue reading A Long Walk To Water, students focused on the two stories of Nya and Salva. Students participate effectively in a range of conversations and collaborations with partners building on others ideas and expressing their own. Students presented information with supporting evidence from each chapter. Students were exposed to digital media and visual displays of data and news to express information and to enhance understanding of the text.
Science: This week in 7th grade science class, students are working on independent projects related to their “Cell City”. They are creating varied products , such as travel brochures, newspaper articles, newscasts, comic strips, songs, or stories highlighting happenings in their “city”. This is a way for students to see cells as living systems, with parts that work together to perform chemical changes to keep the organism alive.Math: In math, students are working on solving equations with fractions, decimals, and percents.
8th Grade Updates
ELA: Students are working on writing a biographical essay on an influential, historical African-American figure. They will create posters with timelines highlighting the major events from their lifetime for a Gallery Walk presentation on Friday. Global Citizenship: In GC8, students have the Great Depression/New Deal final this week. Coming back from break, we will continue American history into WWII.Science: In science this week the 8th grade will be wrapping up their look at thermal energy with a few labs.  Students will also be looking at endothermic and exothermic reactions.  Math: In math, students will be learning, practicing, and applying exponent rules with all four operations. 
Health: Mr. K’s Health HappeningsMusic land:Band and Chorus: Students are working on repertoire for our John Williams movie music concert on Thursday, May 16th!6th Grade: Students are finishing up projects about their favorite songs and music about Black musical artists, and then they are moving to handchimes before break.7th grade: Students are wrapping up the work portion of their Learner’s Expo projects!8th grade: Students are creating their final song projects.
Language: Spanish6th  We have been working on listening, reading and speaking through the story “el pez dorado y el gato gris” as well as the song “los pollitos dicen.”7th– We are practicing our speaking by talking about what we like to do and being able to tell what others are doing. We are working with a list of ar verbs and practicing how we conjugate the verbs.8th– Students have selected a traditional dish from a Spanish-speaking country to research and prepare a presentation in Spanish that answers guided questions. Students are working collaboratively on gathering the ingredients and making a plan to prepare the recipe of a traditional dish.
DTE: All DTE students will finish out this week before Feb Break with Fun & Excitement, some Free-Choice, and a good dose of Ping Pong!6th: Name Tag Button/ Pins7th: Jitter-Bots8th: Fan-Powered Cars
Good happy Monday to you AWIT Cast, Tech Team and Families!
I hope that you are all staying warm and having a great start to your week!
I wanted to thank you all for a great rehearsal yesterday, and to share the schedule with you here for this week- AND to share a note from Molly about all things Tech, Costumes, etc!
“A Wrinkle in Time” Rehearsal Schedule, for Tuesday-Sunday February 20th-25th:
*Tuesday February 20th, 6:00-8:00 pm, ALL ARE CALLED!  Finish Staging/ Blocking the Show, Scenes 7 & 8.*Wednesday February 21st, 6:00-8:00 pm, ALL ARE CALLED!  Music/ Vocal Work, Choreo Review, Acting Work!PRODUCTION/ TECH STUDENTS:  We Can Meet this Day, from 3:00-5:30 pm for all who can and want to!  (I will be at the school early, and in a zoom from 2:15-3;30 pm) but I can get you started / set up with a few projects, if that works okay for you all?!)*Sunday February 25th, 12 noon-3:00 pm, ALL (WHO CAN) ARE CALLED!  We will work on a bunch of different moments from the show.  This will include Choreo, Vocal Singing, Voice/ Speech/ Diction Work, Running lines for each other, and parts of scenes and transitions that we can work on, based on who is in attendance.
*OFFICIAL OFF BOOK DATE is: Wednesday March 6th for that 1st Rehearsal that we will have after the February/ March Spring Break.
I’m sharing links for “Dear Insecurity” staging from yesterday, as well as the start of some of the movement for “The Other Side of the Neighborhood.”
Please as always, feel free to reach out with any needs/ questions?!
Warmest gratitude to you all!Taryn and Molly
Upcoming Events and Information

2/23: Scripps Spelling Bee from 9-11. Please come and join us, if you wish! 2/26-3/5: February Break-no school. 3/14: Half day for students3/15: Family Conferences.. Future communication for sign ups to come! The 37TH Annual Vermont State Scholastic Chess Championships will be held on Saturday, March 23, 2024 at Craftsbury Academy.The tournament is open to Vermont students in grades K through 12.  Participants must be Vermont residents or be enrolled in a Vermont public or private school.  No prior tournament experience is necessary. High School and 8th Grade sections will be USCF rated, and current USCF membership is required for participation in those sections. K-7th Grade sections will be unrated, and USCF membership is not required in those sections.In addition, Craftsbury Academy will be hosting a 6th – 12th Grade Winter Scholastic Chess Tournament on Sunday, January 28th for anyone who would like to compete before the State Tournament.Individual and team prizes will be awarded. The registration page for both events can be found at https://vermontchess.org/. 
Friday Program Parent Info Sheet Friday Program Power Point 2024


Stowe Youth Lacrosse is delighted to announce that registration is now OPEN for the 2024 Spring Season!
Register HERE for your K-8th graders to join SYL for the 2024 season!An Early bird registration discount of $25.00 will be applied when you register your player(s) before February 26th, 2024. After that full price will be charged until registration closes on March 15th, 2024.As a reminder, you must first register with USA Lacrosse before registering with SYL. If you have not already signed up with USA Lacrosse, or need to renew your players membership you can do so by visiting www.usalacrosse.com.We have great coaching coverage for most teams but are still looking for coaches for some of our younger players on the boys 1/2 team. Please contact us if you’re interested in coaching.If any player is in need of financial support please contact us… if YOU want to play we want to make that happen!Finally, please note that the posted schedule is tentative and we hope to have it finalized soon. Some teams filled up fast last season so please don’t wait to register your players!
We are looking forward to another incredible season together! Let’s Go!The Stowe Youth Lacrosse Board

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