Dear Elmore Families,

We had a great week full of exciting learning opportunities which included a classroom visit from Mark Isselhardt (UVM Extension Maple specialist and Elmore Resident), E.C.O., Nature Name Animal Projects, and VTCAP testing practice (3rd grade), and some end of unit math assessments.  

Last week during literacy, students worked on their Nature Name presentation.  Presentations include: slide shows, books, posters, and presentation board.  Each student has also designed an art project to accompany their presentations.  Students got started on their projects last week as well.  Projects range from sculptures, to dioramas, to masks.  I recently completed an online course called Cultivating Creativity with Literacy, which as the name suggest, was all about engaging students in learning by fostering more creativity in the classroom through literacy.  My culminating project was developing this unit.  As a result I tired to give students more voice and choice in how they will demonstrate their learning by choosing they type of presentation and project they will create.  

During math, 2nd and 3rd graders both completed a unit and took end of unit assessments, and 1st graders worked on comparing two digit numbers with a focus on tens and ones.  With the end of the school year quickly approaching, I will be prioritizing math units and lessons to assure that the priority standards are the focus.

On Wednesday, Mark Isselhardt, UVM Extension Maple specialist, visited the Elmore School to teach the class about the maple sugaring.  The students learned about why and how the sugar maple tree produces sap, and how the sap is collected and turned into maple syrup, And everyone got a sample of maple syrup!  This was a perfect introduction for making sugar on snow at ECO on Thursday!  

3rd graders spent time practicing the VTCAP (Cognia) assessments last week.  They will take the English Language Arts (ELA) assessment on Tuesday April 2nd and Wednesday, April 3rd.  It is important that students are at school for these assessments unless they are sick.  It will benefit students to be well rested and have a good breakfast to start they day at their best.  Each assessment session typically takes 45-90 minutes.  Students who need more time will be allowed as much time as they need.  Students should be encouraged to apply effort and do their best, but not worry about their performance.  

Thank you to Brittney Sanville and Jesse Baker for Pizza, Caesar Salad, and cupcakes and ice cream for dessert for Hot Lunch on Friday!

Click here to view the April lunch menu.  Please email me your school lunch orders.  Deidra Keith will provide Hot Lunch (TBD) on Friday, April 5th.  

Diane Nicholls

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