The Schoology Parent Portal provides parents access to view their student’s courses, track their student’s mastery feedback, view student’s assignments and have access to the calendar of student assignments.

The Mastery page provides a summary of each course proficiency based on the collection of student work or evidence related to that proficiency.  Tracking growth and performance by proficiency offers teachers, students, and parents more accurate information about what the student knows and can do.  Focusing on collections of related evidence of a specific proficiency allows the ability to recognize and capitalize on student strengths while deliberately designing supports, practice, and learning activities to improve areas of weakness.  This tool helps shift the emphasis and focus from grades, typically reported at the end of learning, to an emphasis on growth and ongoing assessment as part of the learning process. For more on proficiencies, please visit LSSU’s Road to Proficiency website.

Below are Text and Video Directions to assist you with using the Schoology Parent Portal.

How Schoology is used at Lamoille South

How To Sign into Schoology

How to Sign Up for Schoology Parent View

Signing Up for Notifications

Viewing Upcoming or Overdue Assignments

The Parent View in Schoology

Viewing a Student’s Mastery Scores

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