Child Nutrition Services

LSUU believes that, in order to achieve their full academic potential, students’ healthy eating patterns are essential. A well-planned and implemented school nutrition program positively influences students’ eating habits. Consuming a variety of nutritious foods promotes healthy growth and development, and provides the necessary energy for learning. Questions about LSUU food services should be directed to Director of Food Services Jeff Brynn at

BREAKFAST AND LUNCH ARE CURRENTLY FREE for all students 18 and younger! Our program will include as many high preference foods and choices as possible and will likely increase in capacity as time goes on.


Menus will be posted on the school websites, and may be included in periodic newsletters and/or information sent home. Menus are subject to change from time to time due to school cancellations and other unanticipated events.  

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages are allowed at school during specified times and/or in designated areas. At the discretion of the classroom teacher, consumption of snacks, candy, gum, and/or beverages are not permitted during instructional time.

Free Lunch and Breakfast Program

Free meals are available for students if the family qualifies under federal guidelines. For families that qualify for reduced meals, they are now offered at no cost, with the State contributing to the “reduced” amount. Information regarding these programs are available during the E-Registration process. All information provided on these forms is kept strictly confidential. Please email Jeff Brynn, LSUU Director of Food Services, at for additional information. Applications can be filed at any time during the school year. 

MySchoolApps is also a fast and secure way to apply for free and reduced meals online.  HERE is the link for their website.


All schools in LSUU are excited to offer MySchoolBucks to allows you to manage your student’s meal account. Meals must be prepaid – weekly or monthly prepayment is encouraged. Balances may be monitored by the parent and student at

Any student whose school meal account has a zero or negative balance will be allowed to charge a “reimbursable meal”. A “reimbursable meal” is defined as a meal consisting of at least three of the five offered meal components (grain, meat or meat alternative, fruit, vegetable and milk) and must include a fruit and/or vegetable component. This will result in a negative balance on the student’s account until funds are added.


Meal prices are posted on the school menu. Our lunch and breakfast programs are federally subsidized. Because the federal government does not subsidize adult meals, adult meal prices are higher than student prices. Current pricing is breakfast $2.50 (students K-12) and $3.50 (adults); lunch $3.50 (students K-4), $4.00 (students 5-12), and $4.75 (adults).

Meal Change Procedure

Meal Change Procedure 2021-2022 

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